TECA's New Municipal Heat Pump Certification Course

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Date Posted: February 24, 2021

As of January 1, 2022, multi-family buildings of four stories or less will no longer be permitted to use Natural Gas for their heating and hot water systems. (This requirement can be met with electric heat pumps or electric resistance options). Gas fireplaces, cooking appliances and BBQ boxes will still be permitted.

Note:  Presently for new construction and not retrofits. STAY TUNED FOR FURTHER INFORMATION!

For Hydronic Designers

  • This is a must have to utilize the new TECA heat pump drawings and design projects involving air-to-water or water-to-water heat pumps.

For Hydronic Installers

  • This is great insight into the proper sizing, operation and logic of heat pumps when utilized in a hydronic heating or cooling system

Course Highlights

  • Principals of refrigeration
  • Heat pump equipment selection, variable capacities
  • Balance point calculations
  • Piping methodologies, hydraulic separation
  • Back-up systems
  • Buffer tanks, sizing and application
  • High temp and Domestic water heat pumps
  • Chilled water piping
  • Pumps and flow requirements
  • Control strategies
  • Balancing, testing and commissioning

New application drawings for the hydronic guidelines

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