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TECA members and guests are invited to attend our monthly Member Meetings.

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Thursday, April 20, 2017,

Executive Plaza Hotel, 405 North Road, Coquitlam

5:15 pm - Registration & Cash Bar
6:00 pm – Dinner
7:00 pm - Presentation

Sakura pork chop, Yukon gold potato wedges, seasonal vegetables with soup to start and tiramisu cake for dessert.

Sources of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Problems in Residences & Workplaces & Practical Strategies to Avoid & Mitigate Issues
Presented by Chris Collett, CEO & Principal Consultant, Christopher Collett and Associates Ltd.
Reserve your seat by Monday, April 17, 2017
Tickets: $41.00 in advance, $47.00 at the door

Drawing on Chris Collett’s experiences as an IAQ consultant for over 35 years, the presentation will focus on sources of IAQ problems in both residences and workplaces. This field experience has shown that inadequacies in the design, operation and maintenance of HVAC systems are a significant cause of IAQ problems. However, many HVAC-related inadequacies can be cost-effectively mitigated.

There are also many other sources of potential IAQ issues in our homes and places of work. This presentation will discuss sources including the generation and infiltration of combustion by-products; moisture issues and mould growth; illicit uses of homes (i.e. grow-ops); and excessive use of household chemicals (this source is not widely recognized or discussed in IAQ circles!)

The presentation will conclude by looking at lessons learned from past mistakes, and will focus on the design and construction of new buildings, and the Canada Green Building Council’s LEED programs. Specifically, Chris Collett’s experience in IAQ testing in more than 90 LEED buildings will be reviewed.

Chris Collett is Principal Consultant at Christopher Collett and Associates Ltd. which has now been in business for 22 years. Chris has performed more than 2,000 IAQ investigations of commercial, institutional, industrial and residential buildings worldwide. Chris has authored numerous scientific and technical papers on IAQ, building performance and occupant health and comfort. Chris has also conducted LEED IAQ testing in over 90 projects throughout Western Canada.

Chris is Past President and Treasurer Emeritus of the ASHRAE British Columbia Chapter; Membership Director of the IAQA Vancouver Chapter; and his company is a Green Building Specialist member of the Canadian Green Building Council.

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