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Inspectors and homeowners can check the listings below to see if a Forced Air, Hydronic, or Ventilation installer or designer has a current Quality First™ registered / certified number. Names of current Quality First™ installers are listed alphabetically by training and updated monthly.

Are you a trained installer or designer and do not see your name on the list? Your number may have expired and require updating, or it may be new and not yet posted. Remember, Forced Air numbers must be renewed every two years, and Ventilation numbers must be renewed at every BC Building Code change, approximately every five years. There is currently no expiry on Hydronic System Designer numbers. Keep your contact information up to date with TECA to ensure you receive renewal notices. Contact us for status or renewal inquiries, Quality First™ database information, or regulator's listings.

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Certification Legend: V - Ventilation    FA - Forced Air   H - Hydronic   P - Principle of Moving Air    - TECA Member






Tye Leishman Login Tempco Heating & Cooling Specialists
Website: check it out
Powell River Sunshine coast
Tyler Diguistini Login Project 8 Development
Tyler Gilks Login V Venttech Cobble Hill, Vancouver island
Tyler Lawson Login V Similkameen mechanical inc. Keremeos Okanagan
Tyler Odegard Login P Refrigerative Supply Burnaby Lower mainland
Tyler Ohm Login No Name Company Lower mainland
Tyler Pederson Login V Aqua North Plumbing Ltd
Website: check it out
Smithers Kootenays
Tyler Whitesel Login High Point Plumbing & Heating Ltd. Cranbrook Kootenays
Tyler Williams Login Sundawn Integrated
Tyler Woodward Login V 1084507 B.C. LTD. Campbell River Vancouver island
Tyler R. Pollock Login Bertelsen Plumbing Ltd. Vernon Lower mainland
Tyrel Davison Login FA Davison Heating & Air Conditioning Maple Ridge Lower mainland
Udham Hundal Login V Hundal Bros. Plumbing and Heating Ltd. Surrey Lower mainland
Upkar S. Thind Login V Elegant Plumbing Ltd. Surrey Lower mainland
Urs Grob Login V Sidley Mountain Technics Bridesville Okanagan
Uwe Schween Login H Versatile Enterprises Ltd.
Vaclav Altmann Login V Heat Check Winlaw Kootenays
Van Tran Login Nickel Heating & Ventilation Ltd.
Website: check it out
Burnaby Lower mainland
Vaughn Hildebrand Login V Town of Sidney Sidney, Vancouver island
Verlyn Busch Login H Wolseley Mechanical Group
Website: check it out
Burnaby Lower mainland
showing 2381 to 2400 of 2472 on page 120 |     116  117  118  119  120  121  122  123  124