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Quality First™ Manuals

Simple, inspectable training for residential & light commercial applications.

TECA's Quality First™ publications are developed by TECA's Forced Air, Hydronics, and Ventilation Technical Committees for use with our training courses, to train residential heating, ventilating and cooling contractors in the design and installation of HVAC systems to the minimum standards required in British Columbia.

Manuals include technical information and documents necessary to meet the requirements of municipal inspection authorities.

Note: The Worksheets and information contained in these manuals are intended for use in conjunction with a TECA accredited training course. Permission is granted by TECA to copy the Worksheets in these manuals for use in preparing job designs. All other duplication is prohibited except by express permission of TECA.

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Quality First™ Companion Software

TECA's Quality First™ software was developed as a companion to our training courses and is designed to produce the same Quality First™ documentation found in our manuals, increase legibility and accuracy, and greatly reduce the time required to perform calculations. Each program is in a spreadsheet format and requires Microsoft Excel to run it. Files are provided on compact disk or via e-mail. Please note, software is licensed, not sold, on a single user basis. If you are ordering for several users, you must purchase a licensed copy for each individual. TECA Member discounts apply.

When you order, please provide your name, company, and address as you wish them to appear on the software's documents. this information will be locked in with your licence number (where applicable), and there is a fee to re-issue with any changes. For Forced Air and Hydronic orders, your registered Quality First™ number is optional. For Ventilation software, you must have completed the Ventilation Guidelines course and stamp your current Quality First™ Ventilation certification number in the box on the order form.

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