Quality First™ Heat Loss / Gain & Duct Sizing Forced Air Guidelines Software

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There are two programs for Forced Air: Heat Loss/Heat Gain and Duct Sizing. Both are intended for use with TECA's Quality First™ Forced Air Guidelines manual. Available on CD (by regular mail only)

NOTE: You must have Microsoft Excel™ 2010 (or newer) spreadsheet software on your computer to run these programs.

Heat Loss/Heat Gain Program Features

  • Calculates room-by-room, floor-by-floor or whole house heat loss & heat gain for up to 36 separate rooms or areas.
  • Heat Loss Summary Sheet with room-by-room cfm distribution and alternate (electric, gas fireplace, wood) heat source load calculations.
  • Heat Gain Worksheets include features such as the ability to rotate the orientation of the house to 8 cardinal points, shade coefficients, window coverings & automatic latitude adjustment factors.
  • Balance Point Worksheet for Heat Pumps
  • Appliance Selection Worksheet used to select a heating appliance properly sized to heat loss & heat gain calculations.
  • NEW: 2-stage heating, A/C coil and heat pump options.

Duct Sizing Program Features

  • For residential and light commercial installations, up to 5000 CFM, up to 36 x 18 trunk duct size.
  • Supply Air System Worksheet calculates trunk and run sizes either for room-by-room cfm requirements or by run size and number of fittings.
  • Return Air System Worksheet—Enter codes from SA Worksheets for automatic calculations of Return Air trunk, run, drop and grills.
  • Up to 280 possible duct runs and up to 5 branch ducts (connect to trunk or other branch ducts).
  • NEW: Choice of 0.2"wc or 0.3"wc static pressure systems.
  • Re-designed layout with more space for rooms & comments.

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