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Ventilation Guidelines Manual

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This manual was designed for use with TECA's Quality First™ Ventilation Guidelines course.

7th Edition, December 2015
ISBN: 978-0-9809333-8-3
Over 90 pages, loose-leaf binder format

Learn how to correctly install ventilation systems to the 2012 BC Building Code, Section 9.32 Ventilation requirements with this contractor-oriented technical manual. Includes the 2014 Amendment to Ventilation which was adopted on December 19, 2014. Interpretations of portions of code sections regarding subjects which will affect ventilation system design and installation have also been added to this edition of the manual. These include portions of Section 9.18 Crawlspace Ventilation, 9.19 Secondary Suites and Section 9.36 Energy Efficiency. Also includes the new Mechanical Ventilation Checklists 1-4, required by many BC municipalities for inspection purposes.

The Ventilation Guidelines Manual includes:

  • Code interpretation flowcharts
  • Example drawings
  • Code tables with Imperial equivalents
  • Code Requirements for Air Ducts
  • Energy Efficiency (Section 9.36)
  • Heated Crawlspaces
  • Large exhaust appliance interpretive flowchart and drawing
  • Design temperature chart
  • Static pressure and fan rating information
  • Depressurization articles and test sheet
  • Crawlspaces: How to Prevent Problems
  • Best Practices for Wood Burning Fireplaces
  • Ventilation Safety chart
  • Glossary of all Residential Ventilation terms in use today
  • Examples of Checklist use 1 – 4 (Forced Air, HRV, CRV & CEV, Passive Inlets)
  • BC Building Code 2012 Section 9.32 Ventilation

Companion software will be available Summer of 2015, to current Ventilation Certificate holders only.

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DISCLAIMER: This Manual was developed in consultation with, and using information obtained from manufacturers, suppliers, contractors and others with specialized experience. It is subject to revision as further use and investigation may show such revision necessary or desirable. Installations and designs that comply with this manual will not necessarily be acceptable if, when examined and tested, they are found to have features that impair the result contemplated by these requirements. The authors and editors assume no responsibility and accept no liability for the application of the principles or techniques contained in this manual or for errors or omissions and expressly disclaim any such responsibility.

Ventilation Guidelines Software

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This program is a computerized version of TECA's Mechanical Ventilation Checklists from our Ventilation Guidelines Manual (Updated 2015). This software, like the Checklists, is ONLY available to those who have successfully completed the new Ventilation Guidelines Course and have been issued a Ventilation certificate. You must provide your current (2012) Ventilation Certification Number in the "Vent Stamp" area below to order this program.

The programs will produce Type 1 (Forced Air), Type 2 (HRV), Type 3 (CRV), or Type 4 (Small Dwelling) Checklists. Simple step-by-step procedures will guide you through an input sheet and will produce a print-ready output page virtually identical to the Checklists contained in your TECA Ventilation Guidelines manual.

Note: previous checklist versions (Type A, B, or C are no longer valid).

Program Features:

  • Automatic CFM calculation. Just enter floor areas, ceiling heights and bedrooms and the program calculates CFM.
  • Make-up Air System Requirements are calculated when required by larger exhaust fan installations. Duct heater size is automatically calculated.
  • A selection of commonly used fans and HRV’s has been pre-entered, so you can easily select exhaust fans from drop down menus that will give CFM, SP, and Sones. The user can enter fan data for any fan not shown.
  • Ductwork details will advise you if ducts are under-sized or too long.
  • Various features will alert you to fans that are too noisy or have insufficient air volumes.

Computer Requirements:

TECA's Quality First programs are provided on CD/DVD to run using MSExcel™2010 (.xlsx extension).
You must have Excel™ 2010 or newer spreadsheet software installed on your PC in order to use this program

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