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Quality First Heat Loss & Heat Gain

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The Quality First™ Heat Loss & Heat Gain software encompasses the CSA F280-12 calculation methods. It has been designed by TECA to provide an efficient and accurate method of calculating heating and cooling loads for Part 9 buildings. It can be used in combination with the forced air duct sizing software, or the TECA hydronics design software. 

NOTE: You must have Microsoft Excel™ 2010 (or newer) spreadsheet software on your Windows computer to run this software. This Microsoft Excel program utilizes ActiveX content. Before downloading, please ensure this can be enabled in your version of Excel.

MAC USERS - must have a partition in Mac to run Windows Software

How to confirm your version of Microsoft Excel will run this software:

  1. To enable the ActiveX controls, open Microsoft Excel:
  2. Click File (or the Office button at the top left) > Options (or Excel Options)
  3. Click Trust Center > Trust Center Settings > ActiveX Settings
  4. Select ''Prompt me before enabling all controls with minimal restrictions''
  5. Click OK

Earlier versions of Excel can operate Active X controls, but may require ad-ons.

If you do not have this ActiveX control setting, you will not be able to run the software on this version of Excel.

Program Features

Program Output

IMPORTANT: Please have the following information ready: Purchaser Name and Company. This information will be locked into the program and there is a fee to re-issue with any changes.

Ordering on behalf of a large company? Please be advised that if you are ordering from a large company, additional copies of the software are available for a reduced rate. Separate branches will require their own copy. Please contact administration to arrange a custom order. It is copyright infringement to copy TECA software.  

DISCLAIMER: This Software is subject to revision as further use and investigation may show such revision necessary or desirable. Installations and designs that comply with this manual will not necessarily be acceptable if, when examined and tested, they are found to have features that impair the result contemplated by these requirements. The authors and editors assume no responsibility and accept no liability for the application of the principles or techniques contained in this manual or for errors or omissions and expressly disclaim any such responsibility.

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