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TECA's respected Quality First™ training programs are developed by the industry, for the industry, setting minimum standards for the residential and light commercial heating, ventilating and cooling trade in British Columbia. Our courses provide contractors the information they need to install equipment that operates safely and comfortably at rated efficiencies. Quality First™ numbers for Forced Air, Hydronic Systems Design and Ventilation are required by regulatory authorities in an increasing number of municipalities throughout the province.

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TECA courses are offered in spring and fall in the Lower Mainland, Okanagan, and on Vancouver Island, and may be held in varying locations based on demand. Seats are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. View our Cancellation Policy. If you would like to be added to our notification list, please contact us, providing your name, location and contact information, This assists us in scheduling courses in your location, and ensures you will be among the first to receive a registration form by e-mail or fax when a course is scheduled.

Member Pricing

TECA members enjoy discounts on training! All employees of TECA member companies (see Current Member Listing) receive the member price listed for courses, as well as for manuals and software. Course registrants can opt to join TECA on the registration form to qualify for the discount.

To register, choose from the following list of courses and descriptions, then view the schedule to select a class and a registration option (fax or online).


TECA's Quality First™ Forced Air Guidelines course includes room-by-room heat loss & heat gain for systems with A/C coils and heat pumps; equipment selection to heat loss requirements for furnaces, A/C coils, and heat pumps; and duct sizing & layout to selected equipment capacity for standard and low pressure systems. Successful participants of the 24-hour course receive a registered number on a certificate and wallet card.

View Forced Air Guidelines Course Schedule


TECA's Hydronic Systems Design manual with Hydronic & Combo Guidelines forms the basis of our Registered Designer program. Successful participants of BCIT's Hydronic Systems Design course are sent a form for optional registration with TECA. Quality First™ Registered Hydronic Designers receive a numbered certificate, wallet card and optional stamp for submitting system drawings from the Guidelines to inspection authorities. Visit BCIT Hydronic Systems Design Course website for schedule and registration information.


TECA's Quality First™ Ventilation Guidelines course trains to the 2006 BC Building Code requirements, Section 9.32 Ventilation. Includes HRVs and make-up air for large kitchen appliances. Successful participants of the one-day course receive a certificate, wallet card and numbered stamp for use on TECA's Mechanical Ventilation Checklists.

View Ventilation Guidelines Course Schedule


TECA's Quality First™ Basics of Air course trains new apprentices on the foundational principles of fluid dynamics that are essential to forced air heating system and ventilation system installation. Successful participants of the three-evening course receive a numbered certificate.

View Principles of Airflow (Basics of Air) Course Schedule

Quality First™ Contractors

Successful participants of TECA training programs receive registered Quality First™ numbers. View the Quality First™ Contractors Listings to check if an individual has a current Quality First™ number for Forced Air, Hydronic Systems Design, or Ventilation. Contact us for status or renewal inquiries, contact information or regulator's listings.

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