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September 8, 2017

It takes a little research to find the right contractor to install your new furnace and ensure the installation is safe, permitted and meets a quality standard. After all, you want the furnace to last 20 years or more, so it makes sense to do your homework. Read our interview with an industry expert, check out our short video and learn more with our tips on buying a new furnace.

Ryan Coleman, CEO of Ecolighten Energy Solutions, and his team of HVAC design professionals have a mission: to ensure every new natural gas high-efficiency furnace installed in an existing home is installed to a quality standard. But what does this mean?

“Today’s high-efficiency furnaces are complex and sophisticated systems. You simply can’t replace old with new and expect it to operate at its maximum efficiency,” says Coleman. “If you want your new furnace to operate as efficiently as it’s designed to and provide you with years of comfort, it must be installed to a quality standard.”

While conducting field research into high-efficiency furnace installations and current industry practices, Coleman and his team realized the need for more education on quality installations. From their research, recommendations were compiled from industry sources, primarily the Thermal Environmental Comfort Association’s Quality First™ guidelines.

What does Coleman recommend to homeowners shopping for a new furnace? “Get multiple quotes from gas contractors and ask them about their training and certification,” says Coleman. “And do some research. You can start by checking out FortisBC’s resources such as their new quality furnace install video and web articles.”

Before you buy your new furnace, get your ducts in a row and do your research. Now, that’s energy at work.

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